We know fitness.

Fitness is not a size, it is the state of your mind. 
Reckon us to put your stakes on us for you to do the hardly possible.


Our modus operandi will have you use your brains instead of your muscles to form your build.

New ways of fitness

New ways of fun.

Novelty keeps us rolling in the game. Allow us to give you the fresco fitness you have always needed.
Next level. Workout. Mainstream. Tech.

What's in a name?

Wanna get into shape? FITBOX it! Wanna rejuvenate? Go FITBOX yourself! 

So when someone says "Hey, how did you lose the flab?" Just say "I FITBOX'ed!".
Set the mode/trend.


FITBOX INDIA founder and entrepreneur, Digen Varma goes all out to have his niche carved into the fitness industry. Well, his new venture is a whole stomping ground for the fitness freaks with world class fitness equipment and he’s going international with the activities and Indian with the approach - budgeted offerings. What a heady mix!

This self-indulgent earthling had his education come to him from all other sources other than books. His learnedness begins as a Commerce graduate from Symbiosis College, Pune to follow through a Business Management Diploma at SP Jain, Mumbai.

So he contrasts every stereotype to his Marwari upbringing where he was handed over his family jewelry biz by his father to take care of. Of course he handled it extremely well but this was not to satisfy a person whose head is brimming with ideas and interests 24-7-365. And he went a little overboard to take up this venture to get rid of the "family business secured man" tag.  With enough critics in the family itself, his uninterrupted attempts were only stronger and better to eventually emerge with FITBOX.

FITBOX was founded in desperate need of a quality fitness club who would not just sell annual packages and push personal training on members to buy body supplements with a lack of serious motivation and no results.
Digen Varma appreciates the competition in this huge gamut only to see potential for improvement in all the little factors and elements in the business which could make a significant impact  on the way this business is done i.e “Quality is the primo ground plan."

“A glimpse of the future is to scale and officiate FITBOX to a good 2 more locations with 4000 members in the consequent 2 years! It would be difficult to call it a triumph or accomplishment without the members having a fun experience only to have them motivated eventually. We'd want them to instill fitness as a part of their lifestyle.”
Digen Varma