Achieve your fitness goals through individual instruction and ongoing evaluation with a personal trainer at Fitbox. Our trainers combine one-on-one training with functional fitness to enhance individual performance and also offer focused coaching in individual programs.

We strive to enhance your strength, courage, and discipline so you can own the everyday. Whether you want to build muscle, lose weight, or even learn dietary tips for optimal performance, our certified coaches will help you achieve long-lasting results that transcend past our gym walls.


Transformation Programmes

It’s all about fitness and focus & with help of our top personal trainers and their combined knowledge of all the past experience your goal is weeks away. If you have any kind of target/goal with a deadline we are there at your service to prove you that “nothing is impossible” and we got your back!

  • Wedding  transformation
  • Full body  transformation
  • Stress to Distress
  • Physiotherapy
  • Inner core build-up
  • Fitness injury healing
  • 6 pack abs
  • Tummy tuck

Free membership of the FITBOX during the program, 6 days a week personal training, weekly BCA, Weekly Diet Counselling and Charts.

Fit Focus-4
Fit Focus-8
Fit Focus-12
Fit Focus-16
Fit Focus-20
Fit Focus-24


Personal Training

It’s all about your personal training, where you will always get undivided attention, support, motivation & learning. We make sure you follow the plan especially custom made your health requirements.

As everyone requirements is different for every individuals, we have three levels of personal trainers available. Personalized training will be used extensively for programmes-like Muscle gain/Weight Gain/ Weight Loss/ Target Oriented Services etc.  Trainer would be providing training, manuals, roadmap, dietary recommendations etc.

All Fit-You packages come with 4 days a week personal training, monthly BCA and diet counselling.


Certified trainers with min 5 years of experience in various personal training programmes.


Certified trainers with min 3 years of experience in personal training.


Certified trainers with less than 2 years experience.