The fitness centres are needed to be reinvented. By making them more user-friendly, more skill-oriented, more personal, more caring, more professional, more accessible and have value for money spent. The fitness centres should be made in a more humane way with scientific approach and use data and technology at every step to improvise it and deliver what the user needed than what user wanted.

The brand Fitbox has been designed meticulously with a team work of more than a year and experience of more than 50 years combined. The brand has been born from the challenge that gyms and fitness centers are facing across the country. Majority of the whole industry is unorganized and the brand FITBOX intends to organize the industry while making it manageable by the business owners and with a growing career path for the trainers.

Fitbox offers variety of fitness experiences at additional fair price so member always has options to try something new.


The ultimate functional strength workout program to prepare your body for real world challenges. Crossfit workouts combination of Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, functional & military training.


It’s all about amazing group activities where we help you achieve your targets and feel good at the same time and socialize with your kind of people, activities and targets will simply look like another conversation or chore that you do with your gang.


It’s about getting outside that box to get some fresh air & some sun to sweat in the beauty of nature. Working out in the FITBOX can get monotonous and boring, after all fitness should be all about fun and nothing else. We have various outdoor activities to break down the regular workout regime and do something exciting all the time.


It's all about coming together and meditating and learning more about yourself from the inside. Living more every moment you breath and make more out of your life with peace of mind and control of your thoughts.


The digital universal currency, to carry out all the transaction of services with freedom and convenience.


Not many require training, but a few just require pure guidance, A specially designed step-by-step workout and wellness program with milestone rewards at an affordable price with a touch of tech on your App.


Our self learning Artificial intelligence robot “GAMA” will be at your service 24X7, helping with information and assistance for all your queries and also schedule your appointment with available fitness expert at your request.


These are carefully crafted fitness and nutrition document program designed for people who knows what they want just need guidance of direction spread across 90 days for beginner, intermediate and advanced level.


Every member is assigned with a personal point-of-contact in the club for comfortable on-boarding and a happy experience throughout their membership period.


The entire structure of standard operation process is structured in such a way to constantly evaluate the performance of the coaches, trainers and experience on regular intervals to create a strong feedback mechanism and better brand experience.


Constantly upgrading and updating your knowledge in regards to fitness, food and wellness lifestyle is the key for a stronger future. At FITBOX there would be regular workshops for members making it easier to be a student of life learn a thing or 2 regularly.


FITBOX welcomes association with freelancing fitness professionals to come and co-work and help their clients by signing health waiver and ability to pay per session giving them the freedom they always wanted at a monthly service fee.


Services can be experienced but not spoken, we are sure our generous members would love to support their favourite staff with kind words and incentive, making it easier for both parties, FITBOX would facilitate this transaction without any charge to the team mates helping them get a share of their appreciation for hard work and accountability towards their responsibility.